Together with Ukraine

Dear Friends,

Lately I am getting a lot of request to help people in Ukraine. I am very moved and profoundly thankful for those gesture of solidarity. Not to be able to respond to all of them immediately we, with my brother Rev. Stefan Batruch, decided to establish project “Together with Ukraine.” Here in Lublin not far from the Ukrainian border and from other cities we will find new people to help us with logistic. We will streamline donation in the right places. This we will be done thru the network of our old and new connections. The legal basis for this will be the “Foundation of Spiritual Culture of the Borderland” established by my brother Rev. Stefan Batruch in 2004. This Foundation did some spectacular projects since the establishment. The purpose of the foundation below.


The Foundation of Spiritual Culture of the Borderland is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the values of borderland in all its possible expressions. Moreover, it has on the goal the support for local innitiatives, awaking the awareness regarding the importance of dialogue and cooperation. 

The organization do this in a way of making workshops, projects, conferences, researches considering the awareness of borderland culture, realization of different educational, cultural, social programmes, support of different cultural spheres both at local and international levels, dialogues between religions, festiwals like Ukraine in the Center of Lublin. 
As an organization with certain experience, we are eager to cooperate with other organizations to achieve common goals. Moreover, we are eager to make strategical partnerships all around the world to gain and share the experience in the name of educational and cultural development.

Foundation of Spiritual Culture of the Borderland is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting values of borderland culture in all its expressions.

Fundacja Kultury Duchowej Pogranicza

Foundation of Spiritual Culture of the Borderland
Al. Warszawska 71, 20-803 Lublin, Poland
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Razem z Ukrainą/Together with Ukraine

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Razem z Ukrainą/Together with Ukraine